Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As PossibleMaking Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

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Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

Hi, my name is Jamie, and for close to twenty years, I had the challenging job of running a construction company. We had lots of heavy construction equipment at our disposal, and we faced huge loan payments and bills every time we had to buy new equipment. To help control our bottom line, I began to research strategies for lengthening the lifespan of heavy equipment. I discovered everything from covering equipment with tarps in the rain to training drivers to use the heavy construction equipment more carefully to better insuring equipment. If you are interested in these ideas, please take a look at these posts to see what I have discovered and learned over the years. Thanks for reading.


Benefits of Wireline Diamond Rods in Drilling

Wireline drill rods are manufactured from high quality material that is able to withstand many different stresses placed on the drill string during drilling operations. There are many companies in Australia manufacturing wireline drill rods. Wireline diamond drill rods are commonly used especially in construction due to their ability to drill through almost any material. Be it in construction or core drilling, use of diamond roads as opposed to other alternatives like carbide and steel makes the drilling easier and effective:

Diamond cuts through tough materials

Diamond drill rods fitted with diamond drill bits are designed to drill holes through virtually any heavy duty material from concrete and stone with smoothness unimaginable with other types of drill bits. wireline diamond drill rods perform the cutting with great strength yet lasting longer than typical drill rods.

Excellent speed

Diamond roads cut through anything from glass to marble at relatively great speeds. Being one of the toughest materials, diamond drill rods are able to quickly cut through any material with little debris. wireline diamond drill rods used are also ecology-friendly as they leave little or no dust during the process. Concrete dust is considered a harmful substance to human health therefore the use of diamond drill rods safeguards the health of workers in the construction site.

Prevents chips and cracks

Use of wireline diamond rods prevents chips and cracks when cutting through brick, stone, concrete or glass. This saves costs that would otherwise have been incurred in replacing damaged construction material as a result of using typical drill rods.

Material bonded rods

Some wireline diamond rods are made through packing multiple layers of diamond around metal. This makes the rods stronger than the typical diamond rods that are bonded with nickel. The metal bonded diamond rods carry out drilling faster and more efficiently as compared to typical drills. In addition, they are also longer lasting.

Noise free drilling

The noise generated from construction sites especially during drilling can be deafening. However, wireline diamond rods when used in drilling cause very minimal noise. This makes them suitable for use in residential houses that are being reconstructed or repaired. Sometimes construction work may involve a lot of drilling and doing this with minimal noise can be a huge advantage to those working in and around the construction site.

To learn more, contact a company that specializes in wireline drill rods to get more help and information.