Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As PossibleMaking Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

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Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

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How to Protect the DEF Used in Your Civil Construction Equipment from Contamination

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used in heavy construction equipment like bulldozers to limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted as the construction equipment is used. DEF works by facilitating a chemical reaction within the exhaust system so that nitrogen oxide is broken down into oxygen, nitrogen and water.

This conversion depends on how well you protect the DEF from contaminants as you pour it into its tank close to the fuel tank. This article discusses how you can prevent contaminants like dust from getting into the DEF of your civil construction equipment:

Top Up DEF During a Fuel Stop

Civil construction work sites are sites that can quickly and easily become dirty. A lot of dust and other particles are constantly floating in the air due to all the excavation and ground disturbance going on. As a result, it is very easy to contaminate the DEF if you top it up under such conditions. It is therefore better for you to top up this fluid when you take your equipment for refueling.

If refueling is being done at the site then top up DEF early in the morning when work has not yet started so that you limit the chance of contaminants getting into it as you pour it into its tank on the equipment.

Use Approved Containers to Store or Pour It Into the Equipment

DEF can corrode containers made out of metals like copper or aluminum. You should be very particular about the containers used to store this fluid because the container may be a source of contamination that will reduce the effectiveness of the fluid. Use only approved containers provided by the DEF supplier.

Clean Around the Tank During Refills

DEF tanks do not have very sophisticated filters so it is important to clean around the dispensing nozzle and fill neck each time you are topping up the fluid. This will prevent any dirt that had accumulated around those places from getting inside the tank and causing a malfunction of the system. Dispensing equipment like funnels should also be cleaned thoroughly to avoid contamination.

It is very important that you maintain the integrity of the DEF so that your civil construction equipment meets all emission requirements set to reduce the carbon footprint of your work. Consult your supplier of DEF so that you get frequent updates on better ways to protect this fluid from contamination so that you do not have to perform frequent repairs arising out of damage caused by using contaminated DEF in your equipment.

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