Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As PossibleMaking Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

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Making Your Heavy Construction Equipment Last As Long As Possible

Hi, my name is Jamie, and for close to twenty years, I had the challenging job of running a construction company. We had lots of heavy construction equipment at our disposal, and we faced huge loan payments and bills every time we had to buy new equipment. To help control our bottom line, I began to research strategies for lengthening the lifespan of heavy equipment. I discovered everything from covering equipment with tarps in the rain to training drivers to use the heavy construction equipment more carefully to better insuring equipment. If you are interested in these ideas, please take a look at these posts to see what I have discovered and learned over the years. Thanks for reading.


Why Use a Crane Hire Company That Offers Lift Planning Analysis?

If you need to hire a crane for a building project, then it's worth using a crane hire company that can run a lift planning analysis on your site and build. Here, one of the company's experts assesses your site and your project. They then recommend the best models to hire. What are the advantages of using a hire firm that can do this analysis for you? 1. Make Sure You Hire the Right Cranes Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Need a Crane Rigger at Your Site

When hiring cranes, most people often underestimate the importance of crane riggers. Furthermore, they consider riggers to be an additional fee. The truth is, the rigger is just as crucial as the crane operator. The excerpt below details some of the reasons why you should hire a crane rigger. 1. Delegate Crane Installation Homeowners do not know much about cranes. As such, there is a likelihood that the crane they hire is not suitable for their site. Read More 

4 Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Your Excavation Equipment

Drilling, backhoeing, bulldozing, and general excavating are the four main excavation techniques in the construction industry, and your choice of equipment will depend on which technique you'll be using. However, there's more to choosing excavation equipment than just thinking about technique. Here are four other facts you'll also need to keep in mind before making a purchase or rental decision.  1. Your site If you are digging in just a few inches or feet of soil, opt for a small machine. Read More